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The Teacher's View

The Teacher's View

Young adults aging out of foster care, living in group homes or out-of-home placement, and homeless shelters are in need of everyday life-skills in order to live on their own. The Excellerate curriculum provides life skills and spiritual foundation. The lessons deal with many issues relevant to independent living, such as finding and keeping a job, money and time management, making healthy choices, and your liberty in Christ.

“Attitude is Everything” We must provide instances where students can be successful so that they can feel empowered. These moments must be built upon so that strong belief in negative ability can be changed little by little. The activity we shared… Have students repeat 3 times: “I can’t force myself to like something. BUT I have the power to change my attitude”

In my teaching, we had the student’s pair up to help talk each other through situations. This provided both individuals with an opportunity to share in “life talk” and in small ways also empowers them in their spiritual journey. Sometimes students need to know that these feelings are a normal reaction to hard problems. We stress the understanding, your life reflects the way you see yourself.

Author: Selena Bowe - Principal, Harvard University Graduate School of Ed Advisory Board Member, & Servant leader.

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