Our Story

Excellerate is a 16 week personal development program that focuses on five primary areas of growth: Professionalism, Financial Responsibility, Social Skills, Spiritual Enrichment, and Life Skills.

During the implementation of classroom instruction and mentorship, each student is encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals that will promote the "wins" necessary to live in victory. Upon completion of the program, each victorious member receives the much needed gift of an automobile.


Excellerate's mission is to help those in Foster Care who have seen some success live in victory.

Excellerate was conceived in a dream of our President and founder, Allen Griffin in 2012. His dream was to train and equip the unadopted teens in the foster care system for a life of abundant success.

Allen and Hashmareen identified the great need to bring this partnership to the state agencies that have carried the burden of care for these students. Allen also felt that a gift was needed. A gift that would inspire and bring a greater sense of normalcy to the student...a car. In September of 2012, Excellerate began launched its' first class and has been doing so biannually since. Excellerate has influenced students to attend college/universities, aided in job placement, motivated completion of High School diplomas/equivolence, and provided support to the major milestones of our students lives. Excellerate's annual Christmas Party is a much celebrated time during which former/current students and their families are celebrated while receiving gifts, fun, and relational connections.

Dr. Allen Griffin
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Hashmareen Griffin
National Director
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