Become A Partner

Become A Partner

Your much needed gift can make the difference in the life of a young person that may be without hope. Excellerate is a 501c3 charity and all donations are tax deductible. We have been honored to receive both generous individual and corporate gifts toward the cause of these young people. Sponsoring an individual student is possible and we would love to share with you how you and your business can join our efforts!

Financial Contribution

Your financial contribution is much needed and will help us transform the future of compassion programming in the lives of the modern day orphan. Our program is funded by donors just like you who have chosen to pour resources into this generation. Thank you for considering Excellerate for your donations!

Vehicle Donations 

Excellerate will gladly receive your vehicle donation. We can/will accept your donations, for the benefit of our program. Vehicles donated from any location in the contiguous United States can be transported to us via our partnering organizations. Thank you for your kindness and consideration of the needs of teenage orphans! All automobile donations to Excellerate are tax deductible under the guidelines of the irs.

Mechanical Development

Are you a mechanic? Do you have skill in the area of automotive maintenance and repair? We need you! As vehicle are procured, Excellerate is in need of those that can do safety inspections and basic maintenance tasks for each car. Excellerate is also desirous of a corporate entity that would be inclined to service these vehicles to perfection for our most deserving of Excellerate graduates. If you, your company, or your organization can help in the servicing of our automotive gift, please contact us!

Excellerate Team Member

Excellerate Servant Leaders are the lifeblood of our organization: They are mentors, motivators, "Big Brother's and Sisters", encouragers, trusted advisors and caregivers to our precious students. Some of our servant leaders focus on hospitality and bless the students with home cooked meals during classes. These special people are more than leaders, they are an Excellerate students friend! the relationships that are built between the servant leader and the students are bonds that never fade, lasting far longer than 16 weeks. Our servant leaders are often selected into our teaching rotation. Would you like to pour positivity into generations? Join the Excellerate Servant Leadership Team.